BMW M5 Fenix Diamond Coat

The BMW M5 is simply stunning. It has everything a driver can ask for; power, handling, looks, utility, a spacious cabin, gadgets, rear wheel drive, DCT, turbos, you name it. This M5 has exceeded expectations, and surpassed its V10 predecessor. Today, the M5 has a 4.4L twinturbocharged V8 producing a tonne of power, enough to make this car go sideways anytime and anywhere you want. This factory white unit is fitted with Akrapovic exhaust system, and the noise it makes is, throaty and unmistakably, music to the ears. Monster Shine Singapore is proud to have groomed this M5 and protected its paint with our Fenix Diamond Coat. The coating is hard, glossy, repels water, and enhances the overall aesthetics of the car.

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