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1-Year Unlimited Car Wash


Known for our detailed car wash especially for the professional cleaning on the car rims, our crew is dedicated in giving you one of the best experience for car wash in town!

Package includes:
o Detailed exterior wash
o Rim cleaning
o Exhaust and Tyre shine
o Interior Vacuum, cleaning and wipe down with Leather Care

*For every 1-Year unlimited car wash purchase, $50 will be donated to SPCA

*Each $800 purchase is only applicable for 1 car

Add On:

Interior Disinfectant Nanomist

  • A specially designed fumigation device atomizes the Bac-free nano mist into an ultra-fine dry mist containing hundreds of trillions of “nano-sized” cleaning particles. Germs and bacteria no longer have anywhere to hide. Designed to not only kill germs and bacteria on the surface, it is also able to penetrate into all areas of the passenger compartment. Rest assured that your resultant air in your car is cleaner, fresher and of higher quality. Provide a hygienic environment and protection for your loved ones


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