You no longer need to break a sweat to get a squeaky clean car these days, leave it to the professionals over at Monster Shine who would pamper your ride with theirTender Loving Care.





Given that most Singaporeans are often running on busy schedule and finding time to constantly keep the car in tip top condition simply becomes a back breaking task. Yet, it is also just as important to keep the car clean inside out. Rainy weather not only causes fallen leaves and dirt to stick onto your floor mat betnumbers, it also causes a musky smell that may bring discomfort to both driver and passengers.

Drive through at the petrol station for a car wash and quick vacuum is definitely the cheaper alternative but it may not give you the best experience as there may still be brake dust on your car rims and overlooked spots on your car exterior. The vacuum may or may not be good depending on the crowd and peak hour of the day even though you have queued in line for quite some time.

At Monster Shine, our car wash would ensure that you leave our shop with a perfectly clean ride that smells great again! You will be guaranteed a warm experience as our top priority.

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Wax Polish and Removal of Unsightly Water & Swirl Marks

Water marks and swirl marks are common damages found on paint. They are persistent and difficult to remove. These marks are unsightly and undermine the elegance of your beautiful paintwork. Having trouble removing them? Fret no longer!

At Monster Shine, our groomers are equipped with the right instruments to polish and remove these unpleasant water and swirl marks. We pay attention to details, and work tirelessly to remove the water and swirl marks even from the acute areas. We take pride in restoring your paint back to its original condition. The wax polish also gives your paint an overall gloss finish.

Enquiries and Appointment making at +65 92369056 available.