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Why should I send my car for paint protection coating?

Maintaining a car’s paint condition in Singapore’s weather

Singapore is known for her unpredictable rain and shine weather. Given the heat and humidity, maintaining your car’s pristine paint condition will require certain effort.

We often joke that raining means a free car wash for our cars but in actual fact, what if the rain does cause more damage on your car paint than you expected?

While rainwater is acidic by nature, driving around on wet roads would also cause mud and dirt to splash and adhere onto your car surface.

When the rain stops and your car is parked, the evaporated wet surface would leave visible yet harmless white spots on your paint surface. These are formed by acidic contaminants that remain on your paint surface and left to bake under the hot weather (if you do not wash your car thoroughly after), the spots would be etched into the paint and be harder to remove – forming the unsightly water marks commonly seen on Singapore cars:

Keeping your car paint protected

What we are trying to protect is the paint lacquer – the first layer that protects the color layer/primer coat. There is only that many layers of paint lacquer you can add on the car before “tear drop paint mark” start to form, so thankfully, with the help of technology, products (with different range of durability) are introduced in the market to act as protective layers and improve the paint thickness health of existing paintwork. This extends the longevity and ease of maintaining the car’s paint.

Regardless of the type of paint protection you choose, ranging from wax, sealants to longer lasting paint protection coating, it is better than no protection!

But it is important to know what kind of protection and preventive measures come with the service you have purchased and how long they can last.

In Summary;

  • Wax: Great for a quick shine but due to its heat sensitive nature, wax is not as durable. Washing your car will wear off the wax layer eventually and this means there will be little protection available.
  • Sealant: Better than wax (slightly more expensive than wax) and may last for probably 4-6 months in terms of durability.

Paint Protection Coating: Commonly known as ceramic/glass coating, paint protection coating generally comes in many other names, yet serving the sole purpose to protect the paint surface with its hydrophobic effect and thicker/longer lasting finishing. The coating is able to provide protection such that it behaves as the “sacrificial layer” for the external factors such as bird poop and contaminants mentioned above in this article.

Ensuring you maintain your car free of corrosive contaminants as much as possible with a proper grooming routine is important. Knowing what the right way is to wash your car is just as important. Every detail matter, yes, this means even to the tiniest detail on how you remove the bird poop on your car paint as well!

Not leaving scratches or dents untreated for too long would help. Contaminants can better access the deeper paint layers through the opening if you leave them be, causing your paint to oxidize as well (e.g. white paint turning yellow, red paint turning dull).

Is paint protection coating applicable on all vehicles?

Paint protection coating is most effective on new car as the lacquer and paintwork condition is at its mint condition. For used car on the other hand, they tend to have an average lacquer health unless the car was recently sent for respray works. A used car paint surface will require a paint correction step prior to the coating application. Therefore it is important for the detailer to access the existing lacquer health condition before paint correction is conducted.

If the lacquer condition is poor and worn out, undergoing a paint correction step will cause the original/previous paintwork to be exposed to external environmental factors. This would eventually result in issues such as oxidisation that will result in the dulling of the paintwork. In that case, our detailer may advise you to respray a new layer of good quality lacquer prior to the paint protection coating application.

How long does the paint protection coating last?

Scientifically, most paint protection products are designed to last for a minimum of 2 years. However, the general life span of a paint protection product on the exterior paintwork is highly dependent on various factors such as:
– how and how often do you groom your car
– what are environmental factors present where your car is (e.g. do you park your car often in a dusty industrial environment under the sun)

Realistically, the paint protection coating can generally last for a year if properly maintained. If there is no proper maintenance, the wear and tear on the ceramic coated surface would be much higher as time passes.

What is the difference in your detailing shop’s product in comparison to other detailing shop’s product?

There are many names in the industry such as Nano Ceramic, Ceramic Pro and Glass Coating, etc. For us, we feel that all products in the industry are similar in terms of their chemical breakdowns – that is, they are all meant to protect your car exterior paintwork from fine scratches and other environmental contaminants, as well as the commonly seen hydrophobic effect.

We feel that the actual factor that sets detailers apart is the unique skillset that each detailer wields. Before any paint protection coating can be applied on the car exterior paintwork, there is a mandatory “Paint Correction” step that has to be made to reduce the existing swirl and water marks found on the paintwork. This requires an experienced and trained detailer to ensure that the “Paint Correction” step is applied in an appropriate manner. Click this link to find out more: <insert link to article>

How long is the down time for the paint protection coating service?

Depending on the size and existing paint condition of your vehicle, the time our detailer requires to work on will defer.

  • Regular sedan: Between 4 to 5 hours
  • Medium sedan: Between 5 to 7 hours
  • Compact SUV and above: 7 hours to one working day

When your car checks in for the appointment, our detailer will be able to access and confirm on the collection time of your vehicle.

We hope you can understand that once you have decided to sign on a service with us, your vehicle’s maintenance is our top priority. We will strive to restore the exterior paintwork of your vehicle to its pristine condition with targeted solutions to its existing flaws. For e.g., if the exterior paintwork has more swirl and water marks, the detailer would need more time to conduct the paint correction process, which in turn, affect the overall down time.

Will I be charged additional fees on the day of my appointment?
When requesting for a quote, our sales team would quote based on the size of your vehicle or existing promotion runs. <Click this link to find out about our available services and price points>

It is important to note that our retail pricing are quoted based on the vehicle size and assumed paint condition. Should our detailer feel that the paint condition is not ideal and requires more work, you would be advised before any work begins. Work will only commence for such cases when owners are agreeable to the additional cost required to achieve better results.

Why other detailer shops are able to provide more than 2 years warranty while Monster Shine only provide a 1-year warranty?

Most paint protection products are designed to last for a minimum of 2 years. However, the general life span of a paint protection product on the exterior paintwork is highly dependent on various factors.

Realistically, the paint protection coating can generally last for a year if properly maintained. If there is no proper maintenance, e.g. not washing and drying your car the right way, the wear and tear on the ceramic coated surface would be much higher as time passes.

We do have maintenance programs that customers can sign up for to extend the lifespan of the paint protection coating on your vehicle.

What does the warranty covers and not covers?

After the paint protection coating service, your car will be covered under 1 month warranty.

  • What does it cover: While ensuring proper maintenance of your car from the day of collection, you noticed that on certain area, the hydrophobic (water-repellent) effect is not as effective. E.g. Initial 3D water beading got reduced to a flatter looking water bead. When you notice this, do contact us for an appointment to check on the coating and to touch up on the affected areas.
  • What does it not cover: Dents, Scratches and other exterior damages on the vehicle that affected the coated surface area. For such cases, should we be the one fixing the exterior of the car, the quoted spray paint work will include the complimentary paint protection reapplication. However, if you have fixed the paintwork at another workshop and would like a reapplication, a lower labour price (from retail pricing) will be quoted for that.

Can I wash my car at the petrol station? Is there any shampoo to use in particular?

Yes, you can still send your car to the petrol station for wash. The only thing to note about petrol station wash is that due to their requirement to keep each car wash efficient and not time consuming, the groomers may not have the best practices to ensure they create as little swirl marks on your car’s exterior in comparison to a detailing shop that is better equipped to prevent that. E.g. when there is fine dust particles/sand that is stuck onto the cloth, it would naturally cause swirl marks in the process of drying the car.

As for shampoo, as long as you are using shampoo that are sold in retail outlets and are meant for washing car exterior, that is fine. Do not attempt to use acidic washing product to attempt removal of tough stains. For such cases, you should consult a detailer for assistance instead.

In Monster Shine, we try to be as environmental friendly as possible and we use bio-degradable shampoo for our customers’ cars. If you are interested to purchase it, do let our detailers know!

What are the available Payment Methods?

We have the following payment methods:

  • Cash Payment
  • Paynow and Paylah
  • Bank Transfer
  • Grab Pay
  • Credit Card Payment (requires an additional 2.5% fee)