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Cars aren't built to last forever, but restoration can breathe new life into a vehicle that has aged in its paintwork or car parts and make it look and run like new.To achieve this, it requires a team of dedicated professional in restoring the aesthetic looks of the car.

Hydrophobic Features
in our coating services

The current wet phase of the Northeast Monsoon is expected to extend into January 2017 before gradually transitioning to the dry phase in February 2017. Try out our Hydrophobic water resilient diamond coating and say goodbye to water stain marks on your car for the rest of the year!


Monster Shine is a Singapore established Vehicle Detailing and Grooming services provider. We believe in quality, and we only offer top notch services to protect your car's paint, and interior. Our Certified Applicants understand that your car's exterior and interior maintenance is of utmost importance. We provide a wide range of Automotive Protection Products & Services, including car wash, interior cabin sanitization, wax polish, quartz coating, and our exclusively featured Fenix Scratch Guard.

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